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Financial Solutions Interim financial solutions!

Regardless of what phase your business is in, when you hire an interim CFO you receive the benefit of years of experience in these critical areas. The decisions you make will cost your firm thousands of dollars. For only a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO, you have the benefit of years of experience and a professional who has seen things work (or not work) in many other business environments.


The CFO goes beyond the Accounting Manager and Controller functions of a Company and provides the following services at various stages in the Company’s development:

CFO Hawaii's goal is to provide companies doing business in Hawaii with the financial support needed to succeed in the state. Regardless of their size or stage of development, any company can thrive with the proper accounting infrastructure, financial guidance and an experienced, results oriented Chief Financial Officer. Our commitment is to provide these services to you in the most cost efficient manner so that you can maximize your return on investment with us.

Start-up Business

  • Drafting the business plan to address investor concerns.
  • Joining the management team and giving investors the confidence in knowing an experienced CFO
    is assisting in the development of the business.
  • Establishing internal controls and accounting infrastructure to ensure accurate, timely and meaningful financial reports.
  • Developing operational metrics and analytical tools to focus on key success factors in your business.
  • Establishing key strategic partners and expanding customer base to accelerate growth.
  • Soliciting additional capital from banks, grants, private investors, angel investors, venture capitalists and investment bankers.
  • Applying for SBA, 8A, SDB, SBIR, STTR, ATP and other Federal programs.
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Expansion Phase Business

  • System redesign, software selection and implementation.
  • Preparing competitor and public peer group analysis.
  • Forming strategic partnership agreements.
  • Performing business valuations and merger and acquisition analysis.
  • Performing financial due diligence on target companies.
  • Lease versus buy versus build analysis.
  • Preparing IRR, ROI, and payback analysis on new investments.
  • Designing executive and other incentive compensation plans.
  • Developing operating metrics and analyses to manage productivity and asset utilization.
  • Soliciting additional capital from banks, grants, private investors, angel investors, venture capitalists and investment bankers.
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Downsizing or “Right-Sizing” Phase

  • Aggressively managing daily cash flow.
  • Evaluating operating efficiency, eliminating redundancies and streamlining operations.
  • Restructuring debt and developing manageable workout plans.
  • Negotiating settlements with vendors.
  • Downsizing of staff and facilities and consolidating or outsourcing functions.
  • Identifying and managing corporate and personal risk.
  • Soliciting strategic investors, preparing due diligence package and negotiating a sale of the business.
  • Preserving and safeguarding assets from theft or creditor claims.
  • Filing for Chapter 11, reorganization and yes, even recovery.
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